Jewelry Repair

Your jewelry holds a special place in your heart. The piece can be a heirloom to a piece you just received. When it comes to getting jewelry repair done on something that needs to be repaired, rest assured that we can achieve that for you. The jewelry depot has 2 jewelry repair specialist on staff, that have a total combined 48 years of experience. They have repaired or made jewelry as much as $200,000.00.

Custom Design

When a piece of jewelry is commissioned to be custom designed at a different approach is taken. One of our custom designers will talk with the customer about what type of custom designed piece they are looking to have made. After the discussion with the customer that's when we do some renderings for the design. Once we are done with that we email the design to the customer. This is the time of the designing process when we can make changes to their piece. Getting the customer involved in the designing procedure makes it so the jewelry is actually the way they envisioned.